Do you use make up? I do… not much, but I do, just enough to stop people from saying I look ill or tired or both, which is something they do when I don’t. THE biggest palaver however, is removing the stuff… when I go to bed… I want to go to bed… right? I’m not going to spend time going through my ‘cleansing’ routine, there are plenty of bloggers our there that can do it, and have done it, better than me, suffice to say I do remove my make up before tucking in at night… 99% of the time.

…otherwise I end waking up like this:

and we all agree that is not quite the look one might aspire… unless you are Alice Cooper for real… in which case you can get away with it.

So anyway, in my quest to save the world (should be everyone’s quest), I had started getting a little antsy about the cotton rounds I was using and literally throwing away every night, three or four each night; it felt wrong.

I tried using various other methods that just need water to remove the make up (balms and oils etc.) but whilst I love them for my face… I need to remove eye make up with something more gentle like ‘micellar water’ or they get irritated and then I can’t see/read for ages afterwards. Annoying to say the least.

BUT THEN I found these very large rounds, washable make up remover pads and I’m very very happy. There are many many different types out there in the big wide world, I like these ones because they’re big and I can usually get away with using half for one eye and half for the other.

They come in a little (plastic… I know… why??) bag you keep the dirty ones in, and then throw the whole thing in the washing machine after a few days. They can go into the drier too and come in a pack of ten and so plenty enough for a week’s worth.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to replace something I’ve been using for years and years… sometimes we do get stuck in a rut simply because … we’re lazy? or we can’t be bothered? because it’s easy? I’m just asking you to think about it. I don’t want to start a discussion about cotton production/organic/non organic/water wastage etc. etc., for me it’s more about reducing waste and getting out of the ‘disposable’ mindset we all have.

One step at a time.

(Ok Ok, I could have made my own out of all towels etc. and it would have been even better… but at the moment my sewing machine is sorely neglected. I’m starting to get itchy fingers but I have three essays to write before I can do anything else.)

Any more ideas I should explore? Do say!

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