While the cat’s away skiing under a sunny sky in Switzerland, the mouse… leaves her stuff on the table for days.

The mouse is very happy about that.

On the kitchen table right now

  • 10 books: one on psychoanalysis and women, three on rhetoric, three on Angela Carter, one on racism, one about the influence of the big tech companies and one about Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  • a computer
  • a folder of notes and some photocopies
  • a provisional plan for next year’s lectures
  • the phone number of the finance office
  • half an empty glass of water
  • a jug of daffodils
  • a handmade quilted mat
  • a camera and spare lens belonging to a 6’2′ mouse at home with me, studying for his levels
  • a rucksack made of recycled plastic bottles containing my student card, a packet of Werther’s Original sweets, a tube of hand cream and spare reading glasses.
  • a pencil case
  • two diaries (don’t ask)
  • breakfast remnants, a plate, a yogurt lid and an almost empty container of organic blueberries
  • the house phone (don’t know why, I only get spam calls on it)
  • a half read copy of the TLS
  • various pens and pencils and highlighters

Mr M – the cat in question – would probably come up in hives at the sight… he’s an ’empty desk’ kind of guy, but this is perfect for me. If my mind gets full and fuzzy with one subject, I can switch to another, I have pretty flowers and a drink…

Normally this set up would be down in my basement room, but this week one of the boys was at home with me, and now another one has come back from his school trip and I don’t like to isolate myself and disappear completely.

The mess? nah… that’s not mess… I know exactly where everything is/why is there.

How is your work station/place/desk?

I always like to quote this to the husband when he rolls his eyes and moans: ‘if a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind… what’s an empty desk a sign of?’


me 1 – husband 0

2 thoughts on “*31* while the cat’s away

  1. Mohammed says:

    wow this pic is for your office


  2. Clicky Needles says:

    My ‘mess’ is on the kitchen island at the moment, with Mr Clicky away I can spread myself everywhere, something I would not do if he were here, he’s just the same likes clear tables desks and units. Me on the other hand ……………


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