… because you can never, ever, have enough cushions. Fact.

The central block, formed by the nine granny squares slip stitched together is another one from the big bunch I was gifted a few years ago… and it’s not the last one either.

I think most of the yarn that was used is acrylic… the colours are very 1980’s and haven’t faded at all when washed or in the light. Normally I shun was from acrylic, squeaky yarn but for cushions it doesn’t really worry me, I think it adds to its authentic feel and it’ll be more durable. (Can you say vintage if it’s from the 80s? good Lord, I’m vintage too!)

Those colours… bonkers right?

The only thing I added was the border for which I used my precious avocado dyed dk wool. To be honest the colour hadn’t come out as strong as I hoped but it matched so perfectly that I had to use it.

The back is a simple off-white cotton.

It’s currently on my Ercol sofa looking rather spiffy. I’ve just used the word spiffy… I am vintage… it’s official.

“No more cushions, please”… said no one, ever.

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