Today I have been exceedingly productive.

Go me, pat on the back, give me a cookie productive.

I started off  the day by putting on working out gear with the good intention of going for a good hard walk.  Then the sky opened and I’m not the walk in the rain type so I decided not to waste the outfit and do stuff around the house instead.  Give that fitbit pace counter a ran for its money.

Rest assured nobody will notice how wonderful I’ve been.  Nobody will notice my awesomeness  because it was all along the lines of ‘descaling the coffee machine’… not…paint the walls a different colours (although… would teenagers notice that much?  debatable).


So I descaled the coffee machine.  I think that is commendable and will give me huge satisfaction to finally shut up that little voice in my head every morning when I go to make coffee “this machine needs descaling, it’s been months, maybe years”.  Incidentally our Nespresso maching is soooo old the people in Customer Service hadn’t heard of it.  They certainly don’t make it anymore and so the ‘descaling’ had to be kind of … guessed… from the instructions on other machines.  Fingers crossed.

I planted the three amaryllis I bought from Aldi last week; this meant digging the under the sink cupboard for three planting pots and compost.  Then I noticed the cupboard was a mess so took everything out of there, cleaned it, threw away few random things I forgot I had which meant I don’t need them and put it all back together neatly.

Then I moved to the cupboard next to it because I was already sitting on the floor .What a mess.  I found two new pairs of rubber gloves and three new sponges underneath seven rolls of paper towels.


Then i moved to the boot room.  The little room with the purpose built cupboard meant to hold the boys coats and shoes but that doesn’t because apparently the shoes need to be upstairs because otherwise how can they possibly decide which shoes to wear with what…  I’d like to take a moment to remind you my children are all boys… but we we’re breaking down the traditional gender stereotyping around here.


I discovered three old cricket bats, 4 tennis rackets, 1 squash racket, three tubes, all half empty, of tennis balls, 2 squash balls, 1 cricket ball and one hockey ball.  And four rugby balls of course. Plus a huge amount of mismatched gloves and tiny woolly hats that I’ll make them try on for size… but really is just for my entertainment and their annoyance, because it’s obvious they’re way too small. I take enjoyment when I can find it, don’t judge me.

Oh and eventually I did finished planting the amaryllis.

So on the outside, bulbs in pots aside… nothing is changed.  But it’s the inside that counts, right?  A place for everything and everything in its place, right?

Doesn’t it feel good to have tidy cupboards?


And now, because I’m super woman (if only for a day) I’m going to wrap up Mr M’s advent calendar..


Yours truly smug,







And nobody will notice.

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