Another day… more of the same.  I’m not complaining.

Exploring with Mr M.


I swear this has been put up purely to create a photo opportunity.  It’s pretty but not very comfortable.


We went snorkelling.  Bonkers.  The reef/coral situation wasn’t good, apparently ‘El Nino’ destroyed most of it a few years back and yes, it’s regrowing but it’ll take a while (understatement of the day)… but the fish… oh the fish were amazing!  Plentiful and colourful and big.  No turtles yet though… they’re out there we’ve been told…

and just to prove to you it’s not all about having fun and doing nothing all day… here’s my set up for the afternoon when I managed to finish my first college essay due in next week.  (if there was a ever a confirmation I’m a mature student it’s this… I’ve done it with a week to spare!!)


… and then I moved onto here…


and watched this…


and maybe had a glass of rose’ because… why not?


Yup, another hard day’s done.  Well done me.

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