First of all… where is the sun??

No seriously, where is it?  I’m cool with the humidity and the warm temperature… but… ahem, the sun?

We arrived on the island of Mahe early morning and were a little disappointed to be welcomed by such grey skies, and then we got over ourselves and geesh… a little rain in paradise never hurt no one!

The transfer was by helicopter.  Who doesn’t love a helicopter…?


They’re very cool and look impossibly complicated to manoeuvre.  Our Swedish pilot, Richard looked about 14 but did a sterling job.  And I felt very professional talking into the mike.  And that photo is extremely deceptive… at that point I was emerging barely alive from the mother of all migraine that  totally ruined the flight over and made the crazy dash across the whole of Dubai airport the worse run I’ve ever done in my life.  You know when you’re feeling so ill you can’t even imagine being better ever again? And you start thinking that you’ll have a migraine for the rest of your life?  Or that you have something worse, like a vein exploding in your brain and you’ll never see your children or your parents again..? Yes that.


Anyway the short flight gave us the chance not only to wear a headset but also to see a few of the islands from above and have an idea of the geography of the place.  It’s so green! and jungly and rocky.  And the sea is such an amazing colour.


We’re staying on the island of Felicity’, great name don’t you think?  It is also jungly and green with lots of birds and chicken fluttering about the place, AND has the most amazing giant boulders dotted everywhere.

I love giant boulders.

You’ll see lots of pictures of boulders in the next few days.


These babies are on the beach just near our villa.  They are home to lots of crabs, some of them worryingly large.


Mr M is trying to photograph said crabs but no luck yet.


I, on the other hand took to hunting shells. Safer I say.


And this giant tree full of hanging lights is by the restaurant.. isn’t it just wonderful?


I bet it looks fabulous at night…

Right now Mr M and I are chilling with the sound of the waves and catching up on ‘doing nothing’

It’s a hard life… blah blah blah…


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