My talented nephew is beginning his student life this week at the London College of Fashion and I simply couldn’t send him off without a quilt to keep him warm, also, he cheekily asked for one so…   However it’s a tough call to make something for someone who loves textiles as much as he does… ah the pressure… I couldn’t settle on a design for ages… in the end I went with my gut instinct and settled for simple shapes and two colours.


I used slightly different shades of off white to add some interested (and I can promise you the quilt is straight… the helpers around here are not what they used to)


Simple quilting lines echoing the black shapes, which are just random triangles on a corner of a 6″ square.  No measuring, just sew/trim/go.  It was an incredibly satisfying quilt to do.  It almost made itself and such a liberating experience not having to measure everything.  Each block is different and took the pattern into a new shape…


I ran out of time and couldn’t embroider the label, so fabric marker it is… fingers crossed it doesn’t fade too quickly.  Should be wash proof… but still!


The recipient loved it and I was really sad to see it go.  I think it is my most favourite quilt.  I’m seriously tempted to make another one for myself.  As a matter of fact being forced to make something by a deadline stopped me from procrastinating too much and now my creative mojo is back in full force.  Shame my available time has totally dwindled…


Doesn’t it look good in my room?  Sigh…


And just to show you how hard it is to photograph quilts in my house… here’s a couple of outtakes…


This photo above speaks volumes about the level of enthusiasm I’m surrounded with… (and also laundry, always laundry)


Some other helper are a little vertically challenged…


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