I know, I know… another post about books but I’m really behind with my books posts so you might get more in the next few days.

Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin.

This was given to me by my sister in law who’s a primary school teacher and I wasn’t sure at all about it … to be honest.  In fact I put off reading it for ages… my mistake entirely.

Oh and I must say first that this is a book for children/young adults… just in case you start reading it and wonder.  And there’s a stage version too.

Basically it’s a lovely story set in 1800 London and surrounding areas… there are orphans and orphans snatchers, there are really bad people and good people, there’s love and greed, there’s friendship, loyalty, honour, cruelty and heroism, orphans and slavery and redemption of course.

The story is fast paces and the descriptions are really well done, you ‘see’ the places, you ‘smell’ the city, you ‘hear’ it.  I think I would have enjoyed this one very much when I was younger;  I would have sat in my favourite chair and spend the last lazy days of summer reading it and ignoring my brother and sister.  Ah those were the days…


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