I’m back!!

The suitcases have been emptied, the first load of washing is in and I’ve put away the grocery delivery (genius move on my behalf, no trips to the supermarket on the first day back home…), so coffee in hand I’m going to show you the wonderfulness that is Croatia, Southern Croatia, the Dalmatian coast to be precise…

We rented a house just North of Dubrovnik, in a small hamlet (just houses clinging on to the rocky coast) called Luzica.  The view was breathtaking.  The wifi on the other hand was pretty weak so all my uploading photos to the blog attempts were in vain.  Prepared to be spammed.  Our house too was build on a very steep rocky coast… the bedrooms were upstairs and the living area/kitchen/terrace and garden were downstairs.  There was a small but gorgeous pool and steep steps to a small cement platform from which you can access the sea directly.  (We rented it through ‘Croatia Gems‘).

It was a very relaxing holiday, the teenagers got a bit bored (nothing new here), I read four books, we had gorgeous food in a variety of local restaurants, tried to get a tan with some people having more success than others (not me…), we only lost one pair of sunglasses in the whole week , had a gorgeous day and night on a boat… and came back refreshed.

Whilst I could bore you with  the 207 photos I’ve taken… here are a selected few, just to whet your appetite for the place; we’re kind of thinking we  might be heading back next year…


Dubrovnik – the old town at least – is a gorgeous place to visit.  I highly recommend a walk along the old wall that still surround it and then take your time wandering along the small streets.  It will be crowded unless you go off season, but still charming.  (Our rep suggested going when not too many cruise ships are docked in the port… if in doubt you can check with the local port authority).


We had dinner (twice) at a place called ‘Azur‘… an interesting place with fusion food… ‘Croatian’ you could call it.  Very nice.

As you know I get itchy feet if I stay still for too long so one afternoon I drove to ‘Trsteno Arboretum’… mmhhh, what can I say…  if you’re a fan of Game of Throne it might be worth it… I just thought it could have been an amazing place but it needs some major tlc…  it kind of look like an abandoned park and it’s a shame because it could look amazing.


The best thing that we did was renting a boat and cruise amongst the many islands, mooring in deserted coves and swim and snorkel in the turquoise waters. We sailed past our house too on the way out…


We had storms


and amazing sunsets


and dinners in cute harbours…


and a really good family time…


One thought on “– 2018/147 – postcards from Croatia

  1. Deb Cox says:

    Oh very wonderful Monica. Thanks once again for sharing your life. The photos are splendid and it is a beautiful place to behold. It is lovely to get a glimpse of these places through your eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

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