I’m back.

I’m tired.

I’d like to get back to bed but I have a lunch date with a friend, a laundry room that is so full I need to excavate the washing machine in order to use it, half a dozen 13yr olds coming later on this afternoon for a get together (they’re not call parties anymore…) and a list of calls to make as long as my arm.  One child is in Turkey with friends, one child is on work experience (I’m using ‘child’ in the loose sense of the word obviously) and one is trying to convince me that his friends don’t care if the basement is messy.  That maybe so but I still need him to sort it out.  And nobody likes warm J2Os… no matter what his lazy self tells me.


Also I must have gained 4lbs in the three days I was away and I’m trying to convince myself I’m not hungry.

I’m not.


The other reason I went was to help mum take photos of their Tuscan house to put it on the market.  They settled really well in the UK and so this is the logical next step.

The house is gorgeous, an old stone house in the local style, with green shutters and thick walls, three double bedroom and a single, two lounges, an enclosed porch, two bathrooms… a lovely garden with a workshop and a shed…


and has the most amazing views (this was taken from my bedroom window on the 2nd floor just after dawn… pretty special, isn’t it?)


and it’s in a super cute hamlet, called Arsicci, about 40 min from Arezzo)


surrounded by other  gorgeous villages,

(this is the atrium of their local church San Michele Archangelo in Badia Tedalda)


Interested? know someone who is? email me… I have tons of photographs…

In the meantime… cheers!


(dad is drinking a very red Campary and I’m on the Aperol Spritz of course)

One thought on “– 2018/138 – a weekend away

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh what a gorgeous setting. It’s our plan to make it out to Italy in the next few years and have slowly started looking. Alas we’ll need to be further south.


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