It was wonderful.


One guitar, one bloke in a tee-shirt and 70,000 people in the palm of his hand.  He said scream we screamed as loud as we could; he said sing we sang, loudly, out of tune, making up the words; he said wave your arms and we waved.  For a while on a grey Sunday night it was nice not to think, to just be, to just listen to music and be part of something.

Ed talked and we listened because he talked to each of us individually, one by one, eye to eye; how did he turn a huge stadium gig into a living room gig I’ll never know.  The magic touch.  He reminds me of Bruce’s relationship with his audience… personal, inspiring, uplifting.  Nothing more and nothing less than an amazing night of music.  Not a huge spectacle, not a ‘show’… but a night with friends.

The audience was mixed and I love that.  Families with children of all ages, giggling girls, couples, singles, young, old, cool boys, friends, people you wouldn’t expect to be at a ‘rock’ concert (as my dad calls them all!).


Respect, dude.



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