Mr M and I don’t go out very often but this weekend was crazy busy and left us almost jet lagged!

We kicked off on Saturday night with a gala dinner at Gloucester Cathedral in aid of the National Star College.  A wonderful night with friends fundraising for a great charity, although between you and me eating in the cathedral felt a little wrong.

Also I wore a jumpsuit… I had always scoffed at them but they’re such a comfortable item to wear …( until nature calls… then it’s a little more complicated!)



On Saturday one of Mr M’s oldest friend got married at Blaisdon Hall, a beautiful home in the Gloucestershire countryside.

We got dressed up again – and a massive thank you to my parents who fed the boys and kept things under control back at the fort.


Check out the windows… aren’t they dreamy?


The bride wore personalised Converse.


Don’t ask me what that was…


… but we did get flip-flops to rest our feet…


On Sunday it was Mr M and I 18th wedding anniversary… and had a family pub in a glorious pub along the river Severn.


And then on Sunday afternoon I took a long nap.

Oh yes.

How was your weekend?



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