For the past few weeks I’ve been taking pottery class.  I’ve always thought I might like it and you know … I totally love it.  It feels a bit like magic turning a shapeless lump of something into something that it useful and useable and potentially even pretty.  AND working in such a tactical medium is really good for the soul, it’s calming and slow and has it’s own rhythm that can’t be rushed;  you have to agree that when life is getting faster and more frenetic all the time, slowing down is a good medicine.

Also, it’s another skill to add to my post-apocalyptic arsenal… just in case.

My ‘teacher’, Claire, has a lovely bright studio at the back of her cottage, a gorgeous dog and all the patience in the world… she also makes the most gorgeous things!


My first pot was constructed with the coil technique … I guess all those days passed playing playDo with the boys paid off… but it certainly harder than it looks.  At each step it looked more and more ‘real’…


not perfect but… it’s a pot! a pot where no pot existed before…


… a couple of ‘fires’ later and it looks really like a real pot.



I’m so so happy about how it’s turned out…

I made it! with my own little hands (and they are small, no kidding here)… and the new cactus looks at home in it.


My next project is a set of salad/pasta bowls which I have great hopes for.  Fingers crossed.



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