I grew up on breakfasts of Nutella on bread (not toast… fresh) or biscuits dipped in milk, sometimes a big bowl of chocolate milk full of fresh bread from the bakery down the road – don’t scoff until you try it –  cereals came later when I was older but they were expensive and exotic in Italy when I was growing up.

Lately, I much prefer a savoury breakfast and today I went all out on one.  Don’t ask me what possessed me… I blame the 5 hours sleep thanks to a certain 12yr old boy who came home from a week long school trip with the biggest cough I’ve ever heard.    Instead of face planting, comatose, on a slice of multigrain sourdough with cashew nut butter I started cooking… really cooking… I mean chopping onions type cooking… with pots and pans and chopping boards…

Go me.

The book is one I’ve had since it came out and I can highly recommend it,  all the recipe I’ve tried have been welcomed by my fussy offsprings and I have more marked to try.

This morning on the spur of the moment I made myself this one:


The only sunshine I was going to get incidentally… how flipping cold is it outside today? (obviously this only applies if you’re in the UK right now)

Like I said, the lack of sleep must have clouded my judgement, but I have to say there was something calming and therapeutic in spending time cooking and therefore beginning the morning slowly and intentionally.


and turmeric is good for you, right?


It was totally delicious.  A little kick from the chilli flakes, warm and soft, the lime jazzing it up just so.

Also the cool tomatoes were the perfect accompaniment, not fighting for flavour but adding the freshness necessary to get the day started.   Nothing wrong with a hot bowl of porridge sometimes but lately I crave ‘fresh’ and ‘zingy’  and ‘spicy’..


What is your favourite breakfast?


3 thoughts on “– 2018/80 – breakfast

  1. Clicky Needles says:

    I’m a porridge girl,everyday of the year! Needed it today, bitter ‘up on the top’ today too.


  2. Pamela says:

    I like porridge but not quick cook or instant, it has to be proper jumbo oats cooked slowly in a pan with a sliced banana and a teaspoon of Specaloos biscuit paste stirred through it. But if I really need a breakfast to keep me going well into the afternoon then quinoa and poached eggs is the only thing for me.


  3. Amy L says:

    I’m rocking rolled oats with cinnamon, freshly chopped ginger and apples. It’s a great way to start the day, though your breakfast looks delicious! May have to try that on a slow day.


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