Isn’t the weather glorious today? My mind is positively fizzing with joy…  I’ve had to dive into my summer drawer for a short sleeve top and I’m wearing sandals… perhaps I might take my straw bag for a walk too later…

It seems to me that basket bags are absolutely everywhere at the moment, don’t you think?  Round ones, square ones, big ones, small ones… bamboo, raffia, straw, wicker… endless variety and styles.

I really like them (I like all bags, if truth be told) and I’m kind of glad that I bought mine last year, the choice at the moment is overwhelming!

The boys have gone back to school today and the house is quite and waiting for me to regain some form of control… in the meantime I thought I would give you a snapshot of what’s on the high street (and not) if you’re interested in the current ‘it’ bag.

Let’s start with Anthropologie (ok not exactly high street… but such a wonderful collections of clothes and accessories all the time…)

(from top left, clockwise: Myskia straw bag £68.00, Goldilocks tote £108.00, Asa checked tote £88 and Palm Springs folder circle tote £68)

Zara has a huge choice:

(mini tote back with handles £39.99, raffia mnaudiere bag £29.99, round raffia bag (love this one) £29.99 and rigid handle tote £29.99)

or perhaps you’re after something slightly different… still from Zara:

(hexagonal cross body £25.99, mini wooden tote (so want this one) £29.99, black minaudière bag £29.99, wicker handbag £29.99)

Another retailer with cute bag is Mango:

(bamboo rucksack – love love love – £89.00, bamboo coffer bag £69.99, natural coffer bag £49.99 and bamboo fish bag £39.99 – such fun!)

My friend Flora sells fab bags too (as a matter of fact I got mine from her last year), you can find her website here

(bolo woven bag £45.00 and Pompom basket £40.00)

So much choice right? Which one is your favourite?  Do you like bags? Do you use a bag at all?  Small? Big?  Are you one of those Mary Kondo people who empty their bags every night and empties of all receipts and raisins and elastic bands and all other stuff that mysteriously gathers at the bottom of any bag I ever use?

And I don’t even like raisins.


One thought on “– 2018/73 – basket bags galore

  1. Clicky Needles says:

    I love bags. The Pom-Pom basket is my favourite. I can’ t stand raisins either. Let’s hope this wonderful weather carries on.


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