A day of 2 halves.

Early morning walk in the neighbourhood and short hike.  By myself, because my children are lazy and the husband is still not a walking model.

It was a glorious morning.


On the top of that little hill, in full sun, the Coachella valley spread in front of me I took a quick five minutes ‘Headspace’ break and it was pure bliss.  No other people, just me and a few lizards (although I was totally paranoid about rattle snakes, justified or unjustified I’ll never know…).


We then had lunch at the ‘Farm‘.  Totes delish.  I would definitively recommend it if you’re in the area.  Great fresh food (the iced coffee too was fantastic) and it’s really really pretty, inside and out.


Then, No 2 boy and I ‘popped’ to the Palm Spring Art Museum to check out the Andy Warhol exhibition.  Oh my.  So so good.


Gorgeous day, if you don’t count the part where I almost put diesel instead of gasoline/petrol in the rental car… shhh, Mr M doesn’t know, let’s keep it between us.

Oh and we met Elvis…




One thought on “– 2018/64 – postcards from Palm Spring, Ca

  1. kristina says:

    Hope Mr M’s back is better very soon. K xx


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