We arrived in Palm Springs last night after a long comfortable flight and a smooth drive (LA traffic though… urgh…).  I managed to watch two movies (‘The shape of water’, which I found a tad slow and I’m sure lost a lot by being watched on a tiny screen, and ‘Call me by my name’ which I thought was very good.  I also watched the first three episodes of ‘This is us’, so so lovely…).

First of all a warning:  I love this place… and because I love this place I will be taking a stupid amount of photos… and because I’m going to take a stupid amount of photos you’ll be bombarded with a stupid amount of photos on a regular basis.  Forewarned is forearmed, right?  Feel free to come back here in a week when regular posting will resume.

I’m not going to show you  the house we’re renting just yet… I’ll have more pictures in a few days… let’s just say I never want to leave.  EVER.  I’m going to spend the rest of my days wearing brightly coloured kaftans by the pool and drinking gin & tonics floating on flamingos cup holders.   Goodbye, y’all.

Aaaaaanyway,  in the morning we went for a massive breakfast at Elmer’s, where the German pancakes are huge, the eggs Benedict delicious and the buttermilk pancakes so fluffy they basically float on your plate..

…then back home for a little a bit of this – the boys, not me, not after those eggs – …


and this… again… eggs… not me…


Then as Mr M’s back is still playing up (the long journey yesterday has taken its toll), he rested by the pool whilst the boys and I popped into Moorten Botanical Garden and ohhhhed and ahhhhhed at all the amazing cacti and succulents.  I meant to go last time I was in Palm Springs (did mention I love this place?) but we ran out of time so this time round I made sure it was on ‘the list’.

What a cute place… it’s not big but so enjoyable…


(the lesser spotted No 2 up there, a rare treat…)


Aren’t they all amazing?


I’m bored, what are my chances of peeling a teenager off the sofa and convince him to go for a walk with me?






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