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I can’t remember last time I saw snow falling in March, perhaps when in New England during the nannying days, ahem 29 years ago… (depressing thought).  It’s beautiful though, so so beautiful, and we have food and heating and warm coffee so what’s not to like?  Also, right now everybody else is still asleep and I can sit at the kitchen table in the peace and quiet, watching  snow flakes falling and ramble on at leisure.


Here’s Lilli the ferocious beast looking very guilty because she knows her belly is covered in snowballs and she’s about to make a mess in the house.


Let’s see… what happened in the last few weeks I haven’t told you about…

A lot of driving around.  To and from hockey games, airport, seeing friends.  If I’m not in a hurry I like to set my sat nav system to ‘shortest’ route rather than ‘fastest’ and invariably I end up driving through gorgeous country lanes I would never explore otherwise.  I seriously recommend it.


I made a quick foray to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to meet up with Ali for lunch and I must say I was very impressed with it.  It’s a small but beautifully formed museum, filled with collections of varied, high quality, interesting pieces.  I managed to catch the exhibition of Michelangelo’s sketches (he was Italian… let’s use the Italian spelling of his name please)… oh my! the dude really knew how to hold a pencil!

The photos I took were utter rubbish, so here are some others from my stroll through the place,


check out the wrapping on this mummy (AD130-140)…  a perfect log cabin.


I took this ‘shoe’ photo for the boys.  It belonged to the executioner of Charles I and I though it was amazing on so many levels: comfort/executioner/blood/nails etc.  Of course my darlings were completely underwhelmed and I like to blame the raging teenage hormones rather than the parenting they’ve been subjected to…


In regards to ‘lost’ items this winter has been pretty bad…

Hey, do you know Tom Hanks is copying me (… ahem…)? check out his Insta feed: tomhanks.

Mother’s day came and went, unmentioned around here, however this is my favourite ‘quote’


Yesterday whilst my poor two older boys played hockey in the snow and subzero temperature (‘field hockey’… not ice hockey… although…) I spent two hours in the car knitting and wrapped in wool.  I had the perfect parking space by the side of the pitch and watched and knitted and watched and knitted..  For a split second the cloud parted and we had sun… I was told that it made absolutely no difference on the outside temperature…

Garter stitch is the ultimate stitch for watching sports at the same time.  I’m currently on the last sleeve of the ‘martina cardigan’ by ‘weareknitters‘.  Fast knit and clever construction.  Given the current weather I can’t wait to finish it.


The household is waking up, so I’ll leave you with this food for thought:


Have a happy Sunday everybody.



One thought on “– 2018/55 – a bit of this…

  1. Clicky Needles says:

    I could never stay in the car when my son played rugby, I was always shouting pitch side! Not had to endure the cold this winter as he’s stopped for a while. Gloucestershire lanes are always worth exploring. CN x


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