Yup, still alive… but what a week it has been.  I can honestly say that I can’t remember last time I was so ill for such a long time and with lots of different things one after the other…

First, as you know, my back just ‘went’… eventually the magic hands of the masseur at the hotel sorted me out and I was able to move again… seriously, she was amazing.   Hands like radars for trouble zones…  Then I had two days of bad flu.  Temperature.  Total weakness.   I went skiing anyway for half a day but probably shouldn’t have gone because the flu turned into nasty cold which in turn left me with totally blocked ears/dizziness/nausea…  I have to move really slowly or everything wobbles.

So weird.  All in the space of a week.  Enough already.  Anyway, we’re back home now and I’m going to try to go back to business as usual.

Let’s have a quick catch up photo round:

last Monday we visited the St Anton Museum, all about he history of the region and its skiing heritage, although you might like me recognise the building as the chalet in the movie Chalet girl (ahem….)


it’s a museum, but it’s also a restaurant.



gorgeous building with gorgeous painted ceilings



(who says men can’t multitask?  both Mr M and no 1 here are listening to the history of the region whilst on their phones!!…. whatever…)


Tuesday and Weds the weather finally cleared and although well below freezing we hit the slopes in earnest and explored the area…




just look at that view… I love mountains.  We were in my favourite skiing area called Rendl and I could have stared at the view all day.  I imagine in the summer it must be beautiful too…


… this next photo is the same area 24 hours later… oh dear.    Not quite the same.


Of course where you’re 12 and there are jumps to be jumped you don’t care you can’t see the tip of your skis…


And no I didn’t jump.  Are you insane?


It was a strange week.   It went super quickly and yet really slowly.  I didn’t feel I got to know the area at all and therefore it didn’t ‘click’ for me and I am a little confused as why it’s so famous and popular.    The staff at our hotel were the best we’ve ever encountered anywhere, super friendly and helpful and really made our stay very pleasant.  I was ill and watched an awful lot of Winter Olympics,  I didn’t spent as much time with the boys as I would have liked… I can’t even explain it… it felt fragmented and bitty… I almost feel this week didn’t happen… except I have a mountain of laundry to prove it did!



One thought on “– 2018/36 – postcards from St Anton

  1. kristina says:

    Oh no–what timing! I hope you are feeling much better very soon. K xx


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