Day one.  We arrived yesterday afternoon to blue skies… flying over the Alps is always breathtaking, I am never tired of seeing this view.


The transfer from Innsbruck Airport to St Anton (Austria) is really quick, just over an hour, and before we could say are we there yet… we were there…


(Hotel St Antoner Hof, more on the hotel another post but suffice to stay everybody is super friendly and the food is superb).

This morning however the weather wasn’t quite so good.  Not a problem for me, stuck in the room with my bad back, but I’m sure Mr M and the boys would have preferred it not to be snowing.IMG_0687

I must say it looked very pretty from the sofa!


Still though… they went out and ripped some groomers and took the photos to prove it.  No 3 had his first ever snowboarding lesson… but after three hours he’s calling it quits and going back to skis.  “Everything hurts”  apparently.



What did I do?

Well… I took photos of our room…



I finished the first mitten (more about it another time, when they’re both done…)


and had a massage to see if I can accelerate the back healing.  It was a very good massage but I’m still not in skiing conditions…. sadly… I walk like an old women bent forward.

The pool is lovely…


and I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much, right?  It could be so much worse.

I’m really trying to be my best ‘Pollyanna’.

Send good vibes.


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