It’s amazing what you can do with a bag of scraps!

I’d ordered a couple of bags of scraps from the Denyse Schmidt’s website a few months back and the other week when the sewing itch needed to be scratched I cracked open one of them and just started sewing pieces together.  Like a puzzle.  No plan.  I didn’t measure anything, I didn’t use a ruler until the end when I tried to square it up a little.


As the piece grew I realised that our ‘white’ kitchen table could use for another mat and a project was born.  We use mats in the middle of the table at ever meal, they protect the surface from heat and stain… and they turn around is high each week.


This is the reverse.  I’ve had it for ages… bought in Savannah, GA on a holiday with Mr… yonks ago… can’t remember who’s the designer as the only piece left didn’t have the selvedge, but it’s always bene my favourite.

The quilting is random straight lines at random intervals.  No fuss.


It’s not very big, but it’s useful size.  My pilea likes it.  She told me so.  Yes all my plants are girls.


And it’s a little bit wonky.

But we like wonky.


It does the job and it’s colourful and all the different fabric make me happy.

So there.

One thought on “– 2018/18 – a simple table mat

  1. driftwood says:

    I like wonky too. and your pilea. I really want one of those x


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