I have a new cookery book and I love it.

First a couple of premises: my children are fussy eaters and their taste don’t match either which makes cooking for them either very boring or very time-consuming.  I don’t like doing the same things over and over again and I certainly don’t want to be making different things all the time.

Second premise: let’s just say I over indulged in the last few months and unless I lose a few pounds I won’t be able to squeeze into my ski pants next month.

Anyway, I’ve been careful in what I eat (goodbye Nutella… so long…) and I’ve been trying new recipes that help me along the way.  I’ve also joined a fitness class… or unfitness class in my case…

Anyway, this book by Joe Wicks ‘the body coach’ was an impulse buy but what a lovely surprised turned out to be.  Oh and this is not a sponsored post either…. remember the free days of blogging when you didn’t have to say things like that? Sigh…

I’ve already  made three recipes:  Toad in the hole which of course went down well, a delicious chilli (I used 1/2 the pepper and was still super hot but so so nice… definitively one to repeat) and yesterday I pushed the boat super far out with:


I know… aubergines… that it’s a legit reason for mutiny around here…


Love using this baby.  Very satisfying.


As you can see I  sacrificed a layer of the aubergines for a layer of sweet potatoes.  Potentially meal destroying but more likely to be eaten and I tried hiding the aubergines on the bottom.


Doesn’t it look just delicious?


… and then the camera battery died…


Disappointing I know…. and it was going so well….

The dish however was delicious.  Mr M loved it,  I loved it, and aside from a loud rambling from the lower ranks when the afore mentioned ‘aubergin were spotted… but it got eaten by all.


The sweet potatoes were really a good swap if you need to add some carbs to your meal, they go well with the other flavours.  The only thing that I would change was that my tomato sauce was very runny, so next time I’d need to do something different there.

Success though.




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