10 days. 10 items of clothing.  (excluding underwear/pjs or coats or work out clothes).

Doable? Should be.

In my ‘urge to purge’ mode (still going strong) I toyed with the idea of ‘mary kondo’ my wardrobe but I just can’t do it to that extend.  I have got rid (either charity shop or eBay) of a big bag of stuff and it felt really good, but I feel I need to be more ‘conscious’ about what I wear, what I like, what fits etc. before I can do a more severe cull.  Also I’m stupidly emotionally attached to some things that I don’t wear that often and I don’t care if they should go… they stay.

My plan is to try to wear what i have in different combinations or in different ways from what I normally do and then if I still don’t like something or it doesn’t really work… out it goes.  I’ll feel better if I give things a chance first.  Otherwise it totally depends from the mood I’m in… and then I’ll regret the choices I might have made.

(on a different note… if I use the word ‘consciously’ one more time… shoot me… it gets on my nerves as much as ‘influencer’ and you don’t want to get me started on that!)

So, anyway, back to business.  This 10×10 is nothing new, it’s new to me, but it’s been going on on instagram for ages and I’ll hope that it’ll make me appreciate that I do have plenty of clothes, that I don’t need anymore and if I do end up going shopping I’ll do so more judiciously.  Oh lord I sound like my mother.

I first head of it by following Andrea.  Go check her blog out, she’s got a great attitude towards clothes and fashion.

I know myself well enough to realise that I’m not capsule wardrobe material (I’d get too bored)… but a little less never hurt anybody.  I’m aiming for a more ‘conscious wardrobe’ (go ahead, shoot)…

So for now let’s play with these items:

Four Tops:

A nave V-neck, a loose/boxy cardigan, a slightly cropped russet colour sweater, all three of the wool because it’s cold in January around here.  And a white cotton shirt I can slot under all three if needed.

Two dresses:

The stripes one can be worn over jeans and under the cardigan.  The black one I need for a dinner out next Saturday night.

Two pairs of trousers:

A pair of jeans and a pair of fine cropped cords.

Two pairs of shoes:

Given the weather forecast all these should serve me just fine.

Come back in 10 days time to see how I survived!

… and do you want to play to?  Let me know if you do.


4 thoughts on “– 2018/13 – Winter 10×10

  1. driftwood says:

    it’s been so cold this week I could probably wear all those at once. but I know what you mean I have to check by wearing it before something goes. yesterday the long denim skirt yet again made me feel frumpy. I think it’s time is up………..


  2. Danielle says:

    Wonderful idea! I want to play! I’m a Marie Kondo lady, BUT, I definitely don’t have a capsule wardrobe.


    1. go for it…!!!

      And if you ever would like to meet for coffee whilst the boys play in the park at Pittville for example, let me know! xx


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