Last week I popped into IKEA with my parents; they were looking for a bookshelf and a guest bed, and I was under instructions from No 2 to purchase a new desk.

We were very successful in our endeavour although the desk wasn’t ‘like the picture’ (eye roll) and somehow that is my fault (double eye roll).  When you’re 15yrs old everything is your mother’s fault.  Apparently.

Moving on swiftly or I’ll start a rant I won’t be able to finish…

The store had had a revamp since my last trip and I was really impressed with the new ‘sets’.  I’ve take a couple of photos for my personal inspiration… we’ll see if I can convince Mr M to change a few things around here.

Fabulous choice of wall colour, love the pop of yellow (very comfortable chair)


They seem to have gone for a much ‘darker’ theme, which is interesting because I always associate ‘Scandinavian’ living with white walls and pastel colours. That big blue chair is the perfect size for curling up with knitting and a book by the way.


Again dark walls… and that orange cupboard is perfect.


I totally fell in love with this cane (love cane!!) rocking chair… sadly there’s no room at the inn for this baby.


But what I did buy was this table for my studio.  It has a removable lid/tray (it’s metal and very sturdy) and underneath/inside you can store all sort of things.  Perfect for quilts or cushions.  It’s supposed to have feet… but I didn’t attach them; I prefer it flush to the ground


I also splurged (not) on two of these banana leafs tables/puffs thingies.  Good for spare seats and extra table space.


I was looking for curtains but drew a blank.  Very disappointing choice on that front actually.

Also, no candles were purchased in this visit.  I think this alone makes it a victory for the little people.

So that the next project.  Any suggestions on where to buy plain NICE ready made curtains is very very welcome.  Please please don’t make me sew curtains… it’s a horrible job.


3 thoughts on “– 2018/10 – a trip to IKEA

  1. Emma says:

    I love that top colour might repaint my snug – what colour do you think it is??


    1. No idea! But I have a few sample because I need to do something with the boring kitchen downstairs xx I’ll look it up..


  2. Knitlass says:

    Dunelm for curtains.


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