(… nothing like a good title right?)

I really loved making this; for a while I thought of framing it because I wasn’t sure how to turn into a cushion but in the end, after a little internet search I worked it out and I’m glad I did…


Punch needle is becoming a mild obsession of mind and I’m kind of thinking what else I can sneak around the house made this way.   Way back then, when I was a nanny, the family took me with them visiting an old aunt who obviously was mad into yoyo quilts and everything was made out of fabric yoyo… quilts on the sofas, pillows, lampshades, bedspreads… it was a riot of colour and fun.  Bonkers.  I could become like that.


I used Rowan big wool which is really really soft and my trusty Oxford Punch needle.  I’m a little nervous in using this pillow too much so it’s a bit of a test.  I’ve been told that actually punch needles fabric is very durable… but it’s a little scary.

Anybody using it for a pillow fight would be defenestrated.  Instantly.  Without a trial.

Forewarned is forearmed.




4 thoughts on “– 175 – punch needle cushion

  1. It is fantastic!! I have a few tapestry cushions that I made that I am very protective about so I get it! I have to say though they seem to wear really well, so I bet that your cushion will too!


  2. Hello! I’m a fan of the punch needle and your cushion looks pretty cool. I am looking for new ways to apply it, not having much luck yet though. The fabrics that I’ve used so far do not seem to be the best options, today I’m buying linen to see hou it works. Any suggestions?


    1. hi there, I haven’t been able to buy monk cloth in the uk which is why I haven’t done much rug hooking. I’ve used a tight hessian which is not brilliant and wouldn’t recommend if you want to use your cushion a lot. better for wall hanging and things like that. Let me know how you get on with the linen… !

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      1. lizeth says:

        thank you! I will let you know 🙂


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