Last day.IMG_8413Horrid weather.  Drenching.  Grey.  Dark. (New York has always got a certain charm but I didn’t have the right shoes that’s for sure…)

So after packing up our suitcases we decided to go to a museum;  and what a remarkably unoriginal idea it turned out to be.

The Moma was the closest so armed with hotel umbrellas we walked the 0.3 miles… oh boy.  I have never been to a busier place, you literally had to queue to look at paintings!  Bonkers.

Still, though, the fashion exhibition was very interesting (weird to see so many item of clothing from my own closet in a museum… am I that old already?)

And the art… well the art is always amazing, I’m quite good at retreating in my own bubble and ignore the world, so I enjoyed the visit regardless of the crowds.  If you’ve seen my instagram video you know what I mean.

These were my favourite pieces:

Pablo PicassoIMG_8416

Sonia Delauney-TerkIMG_8417

Henry MatisseIMG_8419

Paul KleeIMG_8422

Lyubov PopovaIMG_8423

Franz KlineIMG_8425

Mark RothkoIMG_8431

Jackson PollockIMG_8432

Andrew WyethIMG_8433

Charles SheelerIMG_8434

Edward HopperIMG_8438Ellsworth KellyIMG_8445

How good are they?

Crowds or not they were worth the jostling and wait.



4 thoughts on “– 165 – postcards from New York

  1. Sarita says:

    Sounds wonderful.
    Just heard the news….am on the edge of my seat praying you and your family are well…xxs


  2. Sarita says:

    Sounds wonderful!


  3. Sarita says:

    Jeez…so embarrassed! Was worried you were still in NYC today. Just saw your instagram and that you’re already home….😀
    Could you delete my previous comments? Pretty please…xx


  4. Great painting choices! If its still there I’d probably choose a Matisse too, ‘the red room’ (or is it called red studio, I forget). There were some fantastic Picasso’s too when I was there last year. And U completely agree with you about the Kline. Amazing that his work is being auctioned (including one if my favourites called ‘Light Mechanic’) at Christies in New York next week. I wonder where they will go?


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