… So… up early for a long subway ride


and a short ferry journey to Ellis Island (we visited the ‘big lady’ on our previous visit so this time we just waved as we sailed past)


On Ellis Island we took a ‘hard hat’ tour  and went ‘behind the scene’ into all the abandoned buildings that are still standing behind the museum.  It’s a very interesting place and or guide knew everything and more and I highly recommend it.

The French street Artist JR has an ongoing installation here and his work his amazing.


He pastes life size (and bigger) copy of authentic photos taken on Ellis Island onto walls, windows and floors…


… like ghosts they inhabit the deserted rooms… echoes… shadows.



We then paid a visit to the 9/11 Memorial


and the new subway station (designed by Santiago Calatrava)


… mmmmh jury is out on this one… I know there’s still a lot of construction work going on around it… so the full impact is not quite what it should be… but … I’m not sure…  I love the interior… almost cathedral like.  But the outside?  It’s a little bit scary… like some prehistoric monster diving in and out of the ground.  Maybe I’m missing the point of it.  It certainly is different and brave.

In the evening we headed to the fabulous Madison Square Garden for a ice hockey match


… and then totally knackered we stumbled along 7th Avenue, through Times Square… all the way home.


Dead on our feet.

Dead feet.


One thought on “– 162 – postcards from New York –

  1. flossypatchedbritches says:

    Wow! The Ellis Island art is moving.


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