So this week I had all good intentions of talking to you guys loads… and then I lost two whole days with the mother of all headaches.   One of those headaches when you feel your brain is too physically too big for your head and therefore your head feels like it’s going to explode… I really wanted someone to release the pressure or knock me out.  Neither of the two things happened.. I vaguely remember doing tons of ironing in a kind of comatose fog cloud but judging from the state of No 1’s school shirt this morning… I might as well not have bothered.

Talking about child No 1… this morning when I asked him if he’d made his bed he said the bed was in a ‘super state’… neither made nor unmade or both made and unmade… and only by ‘checking’ I’d determine the fate of the bed.  So perhaps I shouldn’t try.  (Something to do with Schroedinger and his damned cat).  Don’t you hate when education bites you in the butt?

Anyway, a few months ago in a fit of positivity I’ve booked a table at a local pop up Market (which runs from Oct 30th to Nov 4th at The Wilson Museum here in Cheltenham)…  completely ignoring the fact that October is a stupidly busy month which includes a family holiday and the Festival of Literature… gazillions rugby and hockey games and No 2’s birthday.

Yeah… good move Monica.

Anyway, I’ve agreed to do it so we’ll see how it goes… therefore I’ve been sneaking to odd hour or half hour in my studio to try to build a decent stock level..

There’ will be a few quilts, and table runners and pencil rolls..


Christmas decorations


.. vintage ones too…IMG_0875

and crochet garlands…


and we’ll see whatever next I can make by then…

Fancy coming?  Let me know and we can say ‘hi’!!


2 thoughts on “– 150 – making stuff…

  1. I’ll probably be popping in…and shall most definitely come and say ‘hi’. Good luck! S.


  2. Tess says:

    ha – the bed comment is hilarious!


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