I’m probably the last person to jump on the giant knitting bandwagon… but better late than never, right?  I’ve always admired the oversized wool from afar but it was only when I saw one first hand at The Village Haberdashery than I really understood.  I literally saw the light in between the giant stitches.

Giant knitting blankets are awesome.  Stupendous.  Maybe a little silly but oh so so so irresistible.

I wished I had taken a picture of the huge ball of 1.1Kg of yarn.. alas (love that word… over the top and totally befitting of the subject, me thinks)… alas I was too excited to start  knitting.

I bought the kit because let’s face it… this size knitting needles it’s not in my collection!



And check the size of the yarn… sigh… so soft too… ( incidentally this is all that’s left)


So anyway, three episodes of House of Cards later (we’re still on series 4, love it) and we have a blanket.  How cool is that?


(dog spam… she’s so cute)


Perfect for snuggling under during chilly Autumn afternoons with a good book… or a cup of tea and a black and white movie…

These fashions come and go, I’m aware of that, and probably when the kids will empty my attic after they ship me to an assisted living facility and find this baby they’ll laugh and roll their eyes … but who knows, they might have become trendy again by then (look at the resurgence of macrame…) and will be sold for a fortune.  Or not.  Most likely it will end up a dog blanket in a rescue dog kennel.


In the meantime… it’s mine.  All mine.



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