– 133 – a Tuscan wedding

So… apologies for not being very present around here of late… but we had a wedding!  My little sister got married on a very hot Tuscan day and it was fabulous.

I should have taken more photos… but I just enjoyed the day and only remembered here and there.

The ceremony took place at this little remote chapel called ‘Eremo di Santa Maria delle Grazie’. (Near Badia Tedalda, AR)


the local hairdresser decorated the church, (and my sister….


… and she looked amazing.)

In this photo the bride and groom are getting showered in rice for good luck.


And here she’s standing next to our baby brother, who also celebrated the service.  (He’s a Franciscan monk/priest which is totally ironic because I remember very well what a naughty child he was!  Life is funny like that).


The reception took place in the grounds of one of mum and dad’s neighbours.


… and mum made the favours.  Small sachets of sugared almonds with a little rosary made by the people in my brother’s mission in South Sudan.


We ate so much it was ridiculous (Italian weddings are a lot about the food) and the only picture I got it’s this one.



The day just flew by… and no the bride didn’t end up in the pool… just the feet…



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