Visiting the Festival of Quilts last week has really galvanised the quilting mojo that, let’s be honest, had kind of gone into hibernation mode.  I know I moaned about the set up of the festival, but the quilts were great, and I left very inspired, full of renewed enthusiasm and with a big pile of fabric too.


… yeah… quite bright… in my defence there is a small bunch of neutral/low volume fabric still in the drier … but the gist is this:  colour.  I felt very inspired by colour (AND by quilting styles too but to a minor extent)…

My overwhelming feeling was of a riot of colours.

This whole cloth quilt… seriously… doesn’t make you want to grab a huge brush and paint the first sheet you come across?


And what about this ‘graffiti’ quilt… regardless of the message… isn’t it genius?


This one too was one of my favourite… so simple and yet so effective/contemporary/striking… and the quilting… fabulous.


(quilt by Jenny Haynes)

So all this week I’ve been thinking about colour.  And shapes.  And my mind is buzzing because there are so many quilts fighting to get out and I have so many things I need to do first… like buying school uniform and attaching gazillions labels, and feeding teenagers that appear from nowhere and stay over for days.. and and.. my sister is getting married in about then days… and I haven’t packed

… and then something won through the messy battles of in my mind…  and I found myself furiously making something.



What?? I guess ‘black is the sum of all colours right?…






2 thoughts on “– 128 – quilting mojo

  1. Shirley says:

    What beautiful eye candy! Not sure which I like best – your fabrics or the quilts you featured. Just wonderful. The quilt on your design wall is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it evolve.


  2. Jo says:

    I like the way you plan it out on the quilting wall. You have such a strong sense of style. Thanks for the photos of the quilt festival, I missed it as away on holdiay so nice to see some of the highlights.


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