The Birmingham International Festival of Quilts is a real summer treat.  I’ve been going for years… including one year I was so pregnant everybody was given me worried looks and followed my with a mop and bucket just in case, (In actual fact I wasn’t that close to the due date… I was just humongous).  But I’m getting distracted.

For the first time I decided to attend on the first day.

Oh Lord.


S.O.  M.A.N.Y. P.E.O.P.L.E.

Too many as a matter of fact.  It wasn’t enjoyable and I didn’t get to see everything and the things I saw were hurried and everybody seemed frenzied and it was hot and it almost didn’t feel safe.  Now I know quilters are not prone to stampedes and the likelihood of an ’emergency’ in a quilt show is pretty rare (and there were plenty of emergency exits)… but it did feel like there were too many people for the space.

Also the shopping was kind of mixed with the display stands (not a good idea in my view) and the lighting… don’t let me start of the lighting.

Aaaaanyway, end of rant.  What I did get to see I really enjoyed, I though the standard was better than other previous years and I wish I could go back again and take it a little easier.

I took very few photos as well… because of all the above, which I’m a tad annoyed about.

As soon as I entered I made a beeline for the exhibition curated by Nancy Crow called “Sustaining Momentum”.  I think her idea was to invite artist to submit three pieces of work around an idea and how it evolved for them.  At least this is what I understood it to be.  In Birmingham they only showed one work per artist but they were amazing.


(Margaret Boys Wolf – Screens No 20)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Kit Vincent – Tricolor white)

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(Heide Stoll Weber – Shapes and Line 34)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Helen McBride Richter – … on the everlasting…)

I got told off for taking photographs… so I stopped but there were other beautiful quilts and on youtube you can find short videos by all the artists involved in this exhibition in which they talk about their work.  Very interesting.

Another exhibition I particularly liked was by Jean Wells:  Intuitive colour and design.


As you can see I was quite taken by abstract quilts yesterday… and the next artist really has taken ‘abstract’ to the next level.

Diana Harrison:  traces in cloth.


I found her work strangely mesmerising.


Ok, the ironing board is calling me and I need to bake two cakes for tonight…, more quilts  tomorrow!)



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