– 122 – a trip to the reclamation yard

Who doesn’t love a good reclamation yard?

When Mr M dragged my out of bed this morning to keep him company I might have winged a little (in my excuse I was hungry… I’m never good before breakfast).

We visited Ronson Reclamation in Gloucester.

We had a little mission but mostly we just looked around … it’s a place full of treasures.


(that gate… sigh…)


I bought a basket… and a little gravy boat that will become a planter… we had to leave that wonderful gate behind because we really don’t need a gate… sigh… and had a wonderful time.

Reclamation yards always make me want to buy a ramshackle old house and making it all good again using ‘old’ things.  Old fireplaces and tiles and furniture and tiles and chimneys and old statues and fountains and weird pipes and all sorts of details.

And a beautiful wrought iron gate.


(Seriously though.  Go check this place out)