We packed our suitcases and left the crazy house in West Hollywood that hosted us for this past week.  (Crazy high tech toilettes, the microwave in a drawer, not enough glasses and a motorcycle in the hall… need to say more?)

Lunch was had at In n Out burgers, a California institution…


(jury is out on that one… let’s just say the boys were happy…)

Then I went to the LACMA and had a fabulous time…


Interesting Korean artist

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… furniture…


Ed Fella, a new one to me but loved it

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and great modern art… my favourite stuff…


And the boys?

Well.. they went to the Petersen.


…a whole funky building full of cars.

Of course.


We’re now at the airport waiting for our flight.  I can’t believe it’s time to go home already.

It’s been brilliant.



One thought on “– 117 – postcards from LA

  1. Hope the flight home has been a good one and you are now all settled back in again!


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