Sometimes I wonder about karma.

The karma that found me less then 24 hrs before our taxi collects us for the airport racing through town to find shoes for No 3 whose feet have seemingly overnight grown too long for his walking shoes.  I have officially the shortest feet in the household.  Weird.

The karma that, in a few hours will find me in the car heading for deepest Wales to retrieve No 1 after his Silver DoE expedition… five hour journey.  Five hours that I will have to find somehow later on to finish getting everything ready.

Breathe Monica, breathe….

The karma that found me with 36 hours to go before our flight with a house full of children, the majority not mine (although in all fairness they helped in polishing off any remaining food items), the washer and dryer going full pelt, no suitcases completely packed… and me sitting at my sewing machine to make a computer sleeve.


Apparently ‘I had promised’ No 2 one ‘aaaaages ago’.

I think he caught me off guard and too weak to argue.  It was easier to give in on this one.  As my dad always said; choose your battles, your aim it to win the war.


I even let him choose the fabric… major brownie points for my karma.


Thank the Lord for the serger, that’s all I’m saying…


If I manage to pull this holiday off in my next life I’m going straight to Nirvana..

One thought on “– 100 – computer sleeve

  1. Oh gosh, what a lot of rushing around! Hope you get/got off alright and that the holiday will be wonderful!


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