Last night Mr M and I were attended a fundraising ‘white ball’ organised by Dr Dawn Harper in aid of Action Medical Research.


We had a table full of friends and a fun night in aid of a really good cause.

The whole ‘white’ theme was interesting however…  A whole room full of people dressed in white really worked.  People wore evening dresses and beach dresses and white suits  and the common colour unified it all.  I like it.  Although if you lost your friends it was much harder to find them!


But you know what?

All the women looked great… but men in white?


… not so much…

Fine on a cricket pitch.  Fine in white scrubs… but really? no.

Also Mr M kept mistaking his white tie for his napkin… let’s leave it at that. (… he’s my fourth child)


I love white toenails though and might keep the look going for the summer..

Walking home in high heels however was not a good move.  Rookie mistake… comfortable as these sandals were the blisters under the ball of my feet this morning confirm my opinion that high heels were invented by men and should have been listed in the Geneva convention under the torture instruments and banned.

Never mind sleep depravation or water boarding.  Get prisoners to wear high heels for days on end.  That’ll sort them.


And now, talking of white… I have another cricket match to attend to!  Happy Sunday y’all!



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