… It’s been so long since I visited that it’s almost embarrassing writing about it, but here we go.

First of all a confession:  it wasn’t my favourite show.


All the quilts exposed had been skilfully done but not many grabbed my attention and made me run back home to the sewing machine with a head full of ideas… do you know what I mean?  It’s a totally personal opinion and I don’t wish to offend anybody.

Like I said skills and ability yes.  Aplenty.


My boat didn’t really rock though.

It kind of bobbled up and down a little.


A lot of traditional quilts.

The ubiquitous hexagons (I always admire then patience and perseverance)


(like the contemporary fabric choice)

A few abstract/art quilt


And my favourite section with the theme of the local Malvern Hills


Obviously this is just a tiny snapshot of the many quilts.

And don’t get me wrong I’m glad I went.  It highlighted once again the kind of limbo I’m in.  I don’t believe quilting should be only looking back at traditional patterns and colours and colour combination… let’s rock that boat!!  Maybe that’s why I haven’t really quilted much… I feel… stuck and isolated…. uninspired…

Hopefully The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, in August, will jolt me out of this rut.





One thought on “– 92 – Malvern Festival of Quilts

  1. My boat didn’t really rock though. It kind of bobbled up and down a little.



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