I caved in.

Because I’m weak.

I had to pop into Waterstone’s to get a new book for No 3… and that was it, my resolve of reading books in alphabetical order by author (and from my pile!!) vanished as soon as the smell of printed paper touched my nostrils.

(horrible word ‘nostrils)


Anyway, I’ve had in mind to check Carver since I wrote down his poem as part of my poetry Monday series, and I’m glad I did.

How and why haven’t I ready anything of his before?

My bad.  My big bad.


Such clear, sharp, understated prose.  Like Steinbeck meets Hemingway meets Strout.

I hadn’t read short stories in a long time and this book also reminded what a splendid form they are.  Like a whole world in a few pages.

Do you like short stories?

I’ve always enjoyed Carol Shields‘ ones… or, slightly more vintage, the ones written by Elizabeth Taylor (not the actress) and I’m open to more suggestions!

Pretty Please.


I am still reading ‘alphabetically’… I always have more than one book on the go at the same time… but at the present time I can’t find the “H” one.  It just vanished.  Which is really annoying because let’s face it… where on else could it have gone?


One thought on “– 82 – short stories

  1. Marianne says:

    Tove Jansson, anything by Tove. Wasn’t a fan of short stories until I read hers & now I’m a convert. Perfectly crafted & a gentle delight – I absolutely recommend (can you tell?)


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