Diana Gabaldon, author of ‘Outlander’

It was inevitable.

Not every book can be amazing and perfect, right?

And this one is not awful, I’ve come across far worse, it’s just that I really really struggled to get into the story… so much so that I’d find myself playing sudoku in bed rather than reading and that is just plain wrong.

I love reading in bed!

I had bought this during the holidays and most likely if I were sunbathing lazily on a beach, rather than flapping around like a crazy chicken, this would have been just peachy… but I’m having a really busy month and this book just doesn’t grab me.  Not the time travelling, not the history, not the romance.

And it’s not because it’s not highbrow enough… hey I was totally in love with the whole Twilight vampire saga (…Team Edward all the way…) after all.. it’s just that… well I just didn’t like it.

Apparently it’s a good TV series. (Not in the UK? never heard of it)

The next book it’s not a novel… we’ll see how that goes.

2 thoughts on “– 72 – G is for Gabaldon

  1. Mary says:

    I was completely hooked by the TV series – the tartans! the silk gowns in Versailles! sexy Jamie in his kilt! Romantic tosh but on such a grand scale that it’s irresistible. But the books have never appealed. Somehow an hour of silly escapist telly is fine – a whole book is too much.


  2. sarita says:

    I also struggled. Can’t put my finger on it exactly, but somehow it felt more like work than reading for pleasure. However my daughter loved everything about the entire series.


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