I feel like I need to begin this post with a picture of bluebells spotted on my walk last Saturday because everybody is posting about bluebells and I hate feeling left out.  There, you’ve seen them,  now let’s move on because if there is one thing I hate more than feeling left out is following the crowd.

I’m a gemini, that’s my excuse.

Oh and yesterday? this happened…


No, seriously, I was left with a handle in my hand.  And no cup.  And lots of tea on the floor.  What are the chances of that?  (Annoyingly that was the gorgeous cup from Tokyo… sigh… handmade of course.  Never happens to the cheap stuff).

So… first day back to school for the boys today, when the alarm went off this morning I was still deep deep in this weird dream where Mr M and I were watching some sort of government sponsored show in a church, waiting for his father and trying to convince this girl that I really Italian and therefore not qualified to get on stage and crack a whip around.  Don’t ask.  I think it had something to do with watching the first two episode of House of Cards last night.  Sightly sinister show, don’t you think?  And with the current world political scenario… it’s kind of scary, frankly.

The boys have been working on Mr M for a while and whilst I was in Italy last week the wore him down and now we have Netflix and nothing NOTHING will ever be accomplished ever again around here because all I want to do is watch the Gilmore Girls.

I had heard of the show before… but never really watch it… and then my sister kept going on and on about it and I thought she was way too obsessed about it… and then… I started watching it and now I’m totally obsessed about it too.

It’s a disaster.  A runaway train to nowhere.  So far this morning I have resisted.  I told myself that I must go through my list first and if I’m a good productive girl I can reward myself with one episode whilst having lunch.

And then… check this out… I thought of this.

One good thing of following the list to the letter is that I did laundry… lots and lots of laundry.. which in turn has produced lots and lots of ironing… and you know what’s the best thing to do whilst ironing… watching TV….


The great circle of life.

I’m a genius.


Over and out.

4 thoughts on “– 69 – random

  1. Kristina says:

    I love the Gilmore Girls! Have been trying to convince G to get Netflix so I can watch the new episodes… xx


  2. Jacqui says:

    I watch Gilmore Girls when I iron, currently on season 5 x


  3. driftwood says:

    oh there is a bottomless pit of things to watch on netflix…..

    I’ve resisted the Gilmore girls, but there isn’t a crime drama left unwatched………….


  4. Whataday Greatday says:

    This series is the best series of all time! Friends of course, too, cool series, but the girls Gilmore to me somehow closer.http://edit-it.org/blog/revise-my-essay-is-frequent-request-of-freshmen I adore Rory, she is for me a model of optimism and vitality!


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