THIS is what I call an Easter egg.


and let’s face it… if you’re eleven… would you want anything else?

Just when you think that all this goodness would be a spoiling experience, the ruin of every Italian child… there’s always the sobering reality of the awful surprises contained in each egg.

Seriously bad.

No 3 found a teenage mutant ninja turtles themed picture frame.

Yup.  The randomness leaves you speechless.


… at least he’s left with two Kilos of chocolate to mitigate the disappointment…

2 thoughts on “– 63 – postcards from Italy

  1. driftwood says:

    oh my. that is the biggest Easter egg I’ve ever seen x


  2. Amy L says:

    The consolation of the chocolate is so sweet. But my 28 year old son would have been so pleased with that frame now and back when he was 11. It was a sad day for us when he left the cowboy stage…


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