Yesterday I went to the cinema with my sister in law.

During the day!

Why is it that going to the cinema at lunchtime feels so… naughty? I mean… we only went to see Beauty and the Beast after all!


What a sweet sweet movie.  (… although… Dan Stevens at the end looks so… unmanly in human form… better as a beast!   And I’m a huge Dan Stevens fan from the days of Downton Abbey when he played Mary’s first husband.).

Anyway, that’s by the by, my favourite thing in the movie was the costumes.   Amazing.  So many beautiful fabric… lots and lots of stitches too (like the Kantha stitches in my scarf in the above photo);  I loved the ‘denim’ bodice/dress that Bella wears (was my waist ever as tiny as Emma Watson’s?  I don’t think so!)…  18th Century France with modern twists here and there.  Really fabulous.

Be warned though… the tunes?  Will get stuck in your head and you’ll be likely to bellow out …tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme… beauty and the beast…  in Tourette like fashion at any time for at least 24 hours afterwards…  I’m still going.


I ordered a new camera that should be delivered today.  I’m saying ‘should’ because it ‘should’ have been delivered yesterday… whatever.   When I took my old one for a ‘service’ the dude at the shop told me it wasn’t worth paying a £70 service charge for a £40 camera.  How rude.

So I went for a new one, after weeks of agonising research – why do they have to be so complicated? –   It’s not the newest model because let’s face it… I don’t really care about 4K video recording, even if the boys tell me that’s where it’s at.  I won’t be starting to vlog anytime soon.  God forbid.  Can you imagine?


I went to the theatre to see The Crucible (play by Arthur Miller about the witch trials in Salem, Ma).  Mesmerising.  Not a laugh a minute.  Not a laugh at all actually… but so so powerful.  Amazing.



No 2’s hockey team has made it to the Nationals Finals for the second year in a row.  So proud of those kids.

Yes, my stomach is churning already.  Six weeks to go.  I’ll be a wreck.


Now go on and be busy, I’ve got stuff to do too… Toodles!


3 thoughts on “– 51 – random

  1. Such gorgeous colours in that scarf. Love it.


  2. curvywitch says:

    I’ve always favoured the Beast over the sappy prince at the end; fur and horns – what could be better. 😉


  3. Brenda says:

    Ha. Beauty and the Beast isn’t exactly my style movie, but when I saw Emma Watson’s dress in the trailer, I thought I might go just for the costumes! Also, love your scarf stitching.


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