Last night was football night… and football night is also known as sewing nights around here.   Husband on sofa watching aforementioned football and me in my room downstairs sewing.

Everybody’s happy.

I had all intention of practicing my ‘walking foot mad skillz’ but when looking for a large scrap of fabric to work with I got totally sidetracked by the box of ‘leftover’ blocks.

It was kind of like taking a walk down memory lane… piece of quilts for friends and their babies, for my babies, blocks that never made it into quilts, blocks abandoned for who knows which reason… quite a lot of those … ahem…

And then an idea popped into my head…  (maybe the large glass of red wine Mr M had poured me had something to do with it.  Maybe).


…what if?

… no… it’ll never work…

… but maybe…

… why not…

… worth a try…


A little rummage here and there… and I had myself a ‘kitchen sink’ quilt I’m actually really happy with…

‘kitsch…. yes that too..

but fun right?


… so much fun!


(now I need to work out how to stitch it all together…)

3 thoughts on “– 47 – KITSCHen sink quilt

  1. Ha! I thought you had sewn it together and I thought “oo, that was fast!”


  2. Holly says:

    Love it.


  3. driftwood says:

    love it !


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