So… I might have sent Mr M and No 2 off to a hockey game at the wrong time today.

Like an hour earlier kind of time.


My bad.

And the game is far away.  And today is very cold.

I felt the need to bake cookies to atone myself with them… although if it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… I’m not sure these are going to do the trick.

No 3 and I decided to make ‘Chocolate Crinkle Cookies’ (recipe found here), but something along the way didn’t go quite right and they don’t look quite like the picture.  Not sure why.  Sometimes I think that when you use British rather than American ingredients things can go a little astray.  And I’ve checked other recipes and all seem to have some kind of oil in them whilst mine didn’t.  The dough was very dry I guess.


We followed the recipe to the letter – we’re a very conscientious team me and him –


and great fun was had with icing sugar … (yeah….)


but our cookies stayed rather like balls… didn’t flop down into a cookie position… if you see what I mean.

And they’re a little dry.

VERY CHOCOLATEY though… so I know they’ll get eaten.  With a glass of milk they will be splendid.


I might not be forgiven as quickly as I liked though..




2 thoughts on “– 8 – forgiveness cookies

  1. Well the thought was there and you said the taste great anyway so that is all good isn’t it!


  2. driftwood says:

    surely better than an hour late!



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