How’s your day going?

I’ve just been told our house needs a new roof. It’s going that well.

I’ve just been in the attic and saw mould and condensation and the reason why there’s water pouring from the bathroom ceiling. That well…

It’s going so well I’ve just had to rescue baby clothes I had kept to remember how tiny and sweet my giant teenagers were not so long ago, from a leak that rotted the box they were in and that made me really sad. I had to throw away some of them, too stained by mould and yellowed by wet cardboard and I wanted to cry. That is how well my Tuesday is going.

The saddest thing? books. boxes of baby books ruined, soaked, pages stuck together and bleeding into each other….

I know they’re only things. I know I can buy another edition of the Gruffalo for the grandchildren (that may or not come)… but I wanted THAT one. The same one I read to all three boys, read with them sitting on my lap, still warm and soft after a nap, or sweet smelling post bath at bedtime… THAT one. Not a new one that doesn’t have ruined corners and bits of cheerios stuck here and there.

That’s how my Tuesday is going.

I know they’re only things. Replaceable things. But they were also memories. Souvenirs. Pieces of our lives. I’m having a bit of a hard time in accepting the fact my boys will soon all spread their wings and fly and this feels a bit like another sign. Forget the past, they’re not babies anymore.

The Gruffalo is drying on the AGA, a vain attempt I know, but I have to try even if I’m not holding much hope for its recovery. The Little Red Train is headed for the bin and QPootle 5 will never reach anywhere else but the recycling box. So many others too irreparably damaged, stained, smelling of damp.

I hope your Tuesday is better than mine.

7 thoughts on “*19* random Tuesday

  1. PennyL says:

    That is rubbish! I’m sorry your day is so rotten so far. I so agree that they’re only things, but I would feel exactly the same as you about them. My only advice is copious amounts of cake, chocolate and wine later. PennyL in Dorset xx


  2. Cate says:


    So sorry to hear about the boys’ clothing. Can you, perhaps, make a quilt out of the fabric? I hope so. I know how awful that feeling is when it’s something cherished.

    Here’s hoping the next few hours of today are better for you.



  3. timeididit says:

    Oh ,I’m so sorry to hear that. Is it possible to make a quilt from the clothing? I’ve seen some lovely collages made from books too which may be possible? I totally relate to the loss of cherished items. Horrible.

    Hope your day improves.



  4. domesticali says:

    Oh Mon, that’s pants – poor you. And I know what you mean about the books. Though I am such a slob, the playroom bookshelves are still full of them. Never got around to culling and storing them…..


  5. Jo says:

    Tomorrow should get better! Hopefully.


  6. Pamela says:

    Sadly the mould spores are really nasty. You could try putting the books in the freezer to kill them but maybe you should just admit defeat and accept that you will have to buy some new and healthy ones when the next generation of babies arrives. I think you may just find when the time comes that the memories are contained in the sound and the rhythm of the words as you read them as much as in the actual tatty and well loved original books.


  7. Jacqui Findlay says:

    Oh dear, how horrible! I hope you’re watertight again soon.
    I know what you mean about letting go of the past, it was a real wrench sending the Early Learning Centre till to the charity shop last week, chucking out the plastic food and the crumpled paper play money.
    My babies are 14 and 17 this year


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