– 133 – a Tuscan wedding

I know I’ve been quite recently, but the wifi situation in my parents’ hamlet is shocking and we’ve been busy… my little sister got married a few days ago and we’ve been recovering ever since.. (too much food, it’s all about the food ’round ‘ere)

Eremo di Santa Maria delle Grazie.  (Near the village of Fresciano, province of Arezzo)


The church got decorated by the local hairdresser who also obviously did my sister hair and make up.


The brides and groom got showered in rice as per tradition…


my sister and brother (who married them)


The had the reception in the garden of one of my parents’ neighbours.  It was very hot and I was frankly too busy eating and chatting to remember to take pictures…


my mum made the wedding favours, little bags with sugared almonds, and a little rosary made by the people in my brother’s mission in South Sudan.


The cake was absolutely divine.

The caterers were from a local restaurant (Il Sottobosco, in Badia Tedalda) and it was superb.

It was a small, intimate wedding full of family and dear friends.

Perfect, just perfect.


And the weather totally played ball…


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